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Recession A Time for Growth and Development

News ShopperThis article, written by Claire at AR Engineering Industries, appeared on the News Shopper business pages.

At a time when most businesses are rationalising their operations due to the current economic climate at AR Engineering Industries; a family run precision engineering, machining and manufacturing company based in Dartford, Kent; we decided to not sit back and become the next victim of the UKs dwindling economy.

As an SME and with extremely limited resources formulating a new marketing strategy for the company – an activity not within our past scope of operations – was no mean feat. With so many options available and budgetary constraints a significant consideration, careful choices had to be made and our actions meticulously planned from the outset.

The main purpose of the ‘Re-Launch’ project was to ensure that our company was no longer invisible to the industry and potential customers – an issue many SMEs face.

After much consideration it was decided that our key areas of focus were to be; an enhanced company image and logo, a website and new company literature. Alongside this we took proactive measures in the promotion of our business from attending networking events, use of services such as Facebook and Twitter in addition to formalised tele and email marketing campaigns.

The above was all made possible through use of the services offered and advice from several key organisations: The Manufacturing Advisory Service, Business Link Kent and The Thames Gateway Chamber of Commerce. They offer free and part subsidised support and utilise government funding specifically allocated to SMEs – much of which, like us at AR Engineering, similar business’ are unaware of. As a result of the support of the above mentioned organisations and the commitment of the AR Team to the implementation of not only the new marketing strategy but a transformation in the fundamental way the business operates we are steadily moving along the pathway of transformation from traditional old school dirty engineering work shop to innovative and forward thinking engineering company of the future.

In the grander scheme we envisage that if other similar companies follow the proactive route to success and sustainability that not only the British Engineering Industry will once again be able to thrive but as seen historically, it will also support and boost the economy as a whole.

To celebrate the achievements and the journey we have taken over the past 6 months we are holding a re-launch event on Tuesday 23rd February; for details please email or visit our website at If you wish to find out more about our story and information regarding the resources and advice we utilised please contact us.


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